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After straining my lower back by lifting some overly heavy flower pots, I knew I
needed some help with the resulting pain and discomfort. I turned to Acubella
Wellness in Scottsdale for help. As a highly certified acupuncturist, Ms. Isabella Klein, consulted with me and prescribed that I have two (or perhaps more as needed) treatments. She was patient and deliberate in explaining what would be involved, after which I elected to have the treatments. In combination with the acupuncture itself and a comforting application of heat and some massage, I felt much, much better. I followed up with the advised second treatment. The pain in the back caused by the initial strain has now disappeared, and I would highly recommend anyone needing treatments for strains or any of the other conditions for which acupuncture is indicated.   Bill


Email: acubella@gmail.com

Phone: 480-905-9298

Address:  3301 N Miller Rd.  
Quiet Center, Suite 2  
Scottsdale, AZ 85253

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